About Jetmobile

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The Jetmobile Company

Jetmobile, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, invents, develops and provides since 1994 a range of innovative printing solutions that generate savings for companies on a daily basis.

Jetmobile provides technology and ready-to-sell solutions to leading printer and MFP vendors who integrate them in their hardware or sell them under their name. Jetmobile manufactures and sells three leading solutions: SecureJet, BarDIMM, and MicrDIMM.

With a team of 120 experts in Research & Development and a strong presence in the Americas, Europe, West and East Asia, Jetmobile is a global company with the infrastructure to serve international companies.Our global presence allows Jetmobile clients to standardize on one solution worldwide and benefit from the same high quality service and support capabilities in all regions.

Fortune 500 companies and small to medium-sized businesses use Jetmobile solutions to secure, trace, and mobilize printing.