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Jetmobile Solutions


SecureJet is a patented enterprise class solution for print devices. SecureJet secures document output, reduces printing costs and makes printing convenient for an increasingly mobile workforce. SecureJet is offered in three distinct modules, modules can be purchased in various combinations or individually and include: SecureJet Enterprise Authentication, SecureJet Enterprise Secure Printing and SecureJet Tracking. SecureJet, when purchased as a pack, also provides detailed tracking and auditing information on printer and user usage for increased compliance and cost reduction.SecureJet Express is designed to meet the requirements of a small to medium sized business having fewer devices and fewer users. Unlike SecureJet Enterprise, SecureJet Express is not broken down into modules. SecureJet Express SecureJet Enterprise


Jetmobile’s BarDIMM and BarDIMM solutions is a complete intelligent barcoding solution for PCL5 compatible laser printers. BarDIMM and BarSIMM extend the PCL5 language. Barcode formatting, error detection, and checksum calculation are performed by the BarDIMM firmware, reducing the load on the host and the network. Barcodes can be printed in almost any size or rotation, bar width, and height.BarDIMM Pro and BarSIMM Are Jetmobile’s embedded barcoding solution, for a list of supported devices click here. For devices not natively supported by BarDIMM Pro or BarSIMM, learn more about Jetmobile’s BarDIMM Box. BarDIMM BoxBarDIMM Pro


Jetmobile’s MicrDIMM solution is an intelligent check printing solution for laser printers that are PCL5 compatible. MicrDIMM makes it possible to print documents with E13B and CMC7 characters securely. MicrDIMM reduces the risks of fraud, secures payment systems, and saves a company the cost of expensive pre-numbered check paper and check printing equipment. Read More